The Rising Cocktail Culture in India

Rajesh Tandon, Corporate Manager of a well-known MNC got promoted recently.  The feeling was great, he wanted to celebrate and congratulate specially his boss; who motivated and mentored to push him up through the ranks, further to handle a senior management position. 5 years ago, the Tech StartUp was purchased by a much bigger company for  100 Cr. 

He wanted  throw a house party to his friends and his office peers. He expected it to be different and a talk of the town. So he with his wife decided to hire our service which included a curated list of crafted cocktails with food pairing, great DJ to spin music and some fun activities. We happily catered to make it a great party of that night.

There are many like him who love to get together with friends and family during weekends, holidays or celebrations and create a wonderful experience – And a great way to show off on Social too.


India has evolved; there is a trend of drinking less but better. Millennials are more health conscious and want a different experience. As digital connection is bringing the world together, they don’t want their drink to be traditional. So, you see some new brands have emerged in last 5 or 10 years where the concept of craft brewing and craft distilling is becoming mainstream.

The change in culture has led the nation’s cocktail-making skills stronger than ever. As with the rising demand, Bartenders are designing, crafting unusual combinations, serving them in unique styles and topping them with unique garnishes. The result is something that makes the customer sit up, take notice and Instagram or Tweet it right away!

Bartending once looked upon as a blue collar job has now raised itself to the global standards. One is now open to taking up bartending as a serious career option, in the same vein as a professional chef. Girls are not behind too.

To add to your pride, India has also been chosen as the host nation to many Global Bartending competitions. In the years to come, we will see many more trends in the industry alongwith reasons to smile and applaud. Cheers.